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Auteur de l'article : Narek Davtyan

Comment Jailbreaking est la forme de Hacktivism ? Interview

Pour mon article, j’ai choisi d’interviewer Jay Freeman ou "Saurik". Le fondateur de Cydia (App Store alternative) qui est disponible uniquement sur les appareils jailbreakés.

For the protocol, who are you ?

For the protocol, my name is Jay Freeman but people know me as Saurik.

How would you characterize your profession ?

Mostly software developing.

What part do you manage in jailbreaking community ?

Well, I am the founder of Cydia. That’s the thing I’m famous for… Winterboard, some other tweaks for iPhone.

You were there when Jailbreaking appeared. In your opinion, what are the reasons of that happening ?

Well, I joined the party when Apple rejected my Cycorder. That was quite a reason for me. I believe for others as well.

How do you think that jailbreaking is a part of hacktivism ?

To be frank I’ve never looked at it like that before. Considering hackers made jailbreaking possible as hacktivists, I guess their fight for unlocked hardware and software for developing purposes is the answer.

What does jailbreaking represents for users, developers, Apple and other companies when it appeared and now ?

For users it always represented free App Store apps, customization abilities, useful tweaks and the first step for free unlocking. For developers it means free alternative for App Store that will not reject their creations and a really good platform to work on. For carriers, Apple and other OEMs it means losing money. From developers paying the fees for disposing their apps and from users not downloading paid apps and leaving the carrier contract. Frankly, I don’t see much of the difference except that now it a real quite big jailbreaking community.

What are your general thoughts about hacktivism ?

I think in some cases it’s useful and will really work for people. I just don’t think that it should come to extremism.

What are your impressions of the recent forms of jailbreaks ?

I think it’s really impressive. For instance, evasi0n is the simplest tool I’ve ever seen. One click on the computer screen, one tap one iDevice screen and it’s done ! I’m also impressed with web based jailbreaks. I am waiting to see the upcoming iOS 7 and iOS 6.1.3-6.1.4 jailbreak utilities.

What would you think if Apple and other alike companies remove restrictions of their software and hardware that were keeping the flow of jailbreaks high, means for hacktivism ?

They can’t remove hardware restrictions on existing devices. So it doesn’t matter if software restrictions would disappear - the hardware is still closed. Though it never stopped us. But for new devices without hardware and software locks, I would think it’s something to celebrate.

Do you believe that the main idea (from creators) is still alive ?

I hope so.

From your perspective what is the future for jailbreaking ?

I’m not gonna answer that question. Apple users apparently like surprises.

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